Booking conditions

    Quotations approved by THE CLIENT and canceled in a period less than 3 days of the call, have a charge of 50% of the quote. It is assumed as a work day 8 hours of work without counting the meal break, in case THE CLIENT want to exceed this time on the production day, THE AGENCY must be notified and it is left to the MODEL the decision to continue working, if so, the cost will be for the value of the quotation divided eight and multiplied by the amount of extra hours. In case the CLIENT wants to do with THE MODEL Lingerie, bathing clothes, sleepwear and / or nudes, THE AGENCY must be notified at the time of the quotation and will only be approved at the time of confirmation of it. THE CLIENT agrees to have water available during work. THE MODEL must receive food after 4 hours of work. The use of image of THE MODEL is only and exclusively for which it was approved in the quote sent by THE AGENCY. THE CLIENT agrees to assume all the expenses of THE MODEL in works sold as Direct Bookings by THE AGENCY.

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