Unfair Competition (law 256 of 1996)

    All economic and commercial proposals related to the professional activity of our representative, must be made in all cases through our society in order not to induce contractual ruptures, business disorganization and / or other acts that can be classified as unfair competition and that may carry penalties in accordance with law 256 of 1996. For this our client will refrain from:

  1. Generate economic proposals directly to our representative with the intention of hiring him directly, ignoring his contractual link with our company.

  2. Generate expectations and / or labor promises with the condition that the represented person terminates his contractual relationship with our company

  3. The use or dissemination of incorrect or false indications or assertions that are intended to discredit our company, in order to induce the represented party to the contractual rupture.

  4. In general, any conduct that has as its object or as an effect internally disorganizing the company, commercial benefits or the establishment of others.

  5. In general, the induction of workers, suppliers, customers and others obliged to violate the basic contractual duties they have contracted with our company

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