Veronica Assis, by Cardiel

22, Apr 2020

Photography Christian Cardiel @cardielel

Stylist Romina Gomez @Romiracles

Model Veronica Assis @veronicassis from @iamincover

MUA Daniel Alvarado @daniel_alvaradol

Hair. Adrian Galvez @adrian_gama

Christian cardiel is one of our favorite photographers when it comes to portraying our best models with only 24 years and 5 years dedicated to fashion and advertising photography, graduated from the University of Guadalajara in Visual Arts currently working for renowned brands and campaign , he told us a little about him and the session he did together with Vero Assis.


“Regarding the question of how I have gotten to where I am, clearly I have not yet gotten to where I wanted to, I could say that I am just going to the beginning of that long road, but the little or much I have managed to do in the middle has been Thank you to the collaborations to make editorials just as we have done with Vero with many very talented people in the field; Stylist, bloggers, makeup artists, hair stylists, art directors, models, etc.


Collaborations that serve to give me visibility in the middle and at the end of the day become job opportunities with different brands that observe our work. ”


Vero's photos are incredible, we all loved them and Vero always screens.


“The concept of the Editorial with Vero is born, like most of the time in the editorials that I make, by means of a brainstorming in conjunction with the stylist. In this case it was easier to find the line or concept by which we would take the photographs thanks to the location. We expose our creative needs, ideas, tastes and what we would like to achieve. On the part of Romina (stylist) with a style inspired by romanticism and with Renaissance touches with which she guided both the Makeup Artist and the hairdresser to carry out the work they did. And for my part, play and have a lot of fun with the incredible natural light inputs, textures and finishes of the place, thus projecting and strengthening this romantic concept which we end up adopting.


And well, working with Veronica as a model is a fantasy, I've always said so. It is incredible the knowledge and agility that it has on the expressions of its body. It is always very easy for me to project the idea that I have, specifically speaking of this editorial, we had very little time, because the light of the location would go away, and yet we were able to do it as quickly as possible. And of course without forgetting that as a person and friend is incredible, we had an incredible time, we laughed, we joked and that is one of my favorite parts, and of course to see the end result of the wonderful work of all of us who collaborate. ”


We hope to continue working with you Cardiel you are an excellent Photographer and we love working with you.

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