Vanessa Donato, by Sara Espinosa

28, May 2020

Model: Vanessa Donato @vanessadonatoo

Photographer: Sara Espinosa @saraespinosaphoto

MUA: Andres Bonolis @andresbonolis

Art & Styling: @yaguarstudio

Clothes: @uvclothes

Currently the Colombian market is working fully with new productions and COVer is ready to give the maximum in each of them, one of the most recent productions was by Vanessa Donato by Sara Espinosa, the session was so good and incredible that It has even been published for a magazine, we are proud of this and we hope to continue having productions with quality photographs.

We talked a little more about all this Sara.


How did the idea come about?

The idea of ​​this editorial arises from the need to create something from nothing but letting yourself be carried by intuition (the call of the heart)

The idea was to create an impact Beauty and for this he and the make-up artist wanted us to be a queen with a crown, so I visited a retro store and found a piece of a lamp that served as a crown. To give it more editorial concept, associate the aesthetics of the French newspaper and fire, and that is where the name, Fire queen, comes from.


What was the process of creating the concept?

The creation process began with the choice of the model, without knowing the concept, as each face has a story to tell. After the hand of the make-up artist, we share ideas and with referents we agree. And being clear about what we like, I look for brands that have a style of aesthetics that we would work with, as well as UV clothes and Bruna. By having the ingredients it is made as a recipe, they are mixed and by having the result materialized the concept is landed and I give it a name.


How was working with the model?

Vanessa is super professional, she has a beautiful acting and she is beautiful. His image is what inspires all this.


How was the production and post-production process?

Production can be summed up with having everything at hand. A day before the materials are collected, the props, the costumes and the day of the session the photos are developed according to the approaches of looks and actions. and the already digital post production is selected, colonized, retouched and having the result of several beautiful photos are sent to magazines for publication.


What did I like the most about the final result?

What I always like about the result is how unique and fascinating things come out of nothing by mixing elements, textures, silhouettes, costumes, brands, makeup, acting and retouching and more. You are always surprised when a face inspires you something and the result is even more unique than you originally thought.


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