Vanessa & Moritz, for Andrelo Arredondo and @evoltndesing

21, Feb 2020


Un project by @evoltndesign

Production @clicproductora




Model @vanessadonatoo - @_morjtz de @iamincover

Styling @marcelazuluaga__

We share these amazing photos, the series call it CODEPENDENCIA and is very interesting the mix between the photos and the artistic style with the illustration, we talk with the photograph so he can tell us more about the project

How born the project and how was it work with the models? The idea of put it “graffiti” like illustration with the photo in black and with style is incredible

-          The idea came up to us because I love work with black and with photographs, and I think that are very hard found a good profile for black and withe technique. A long time ago mi producer CLIC has a very good relationship with cover and we created some creative projects. This time we know the profiles of Vanessa and moritz thank to the booker Alexandra and I propose the idea.

-          We want to not only black and with photos, we wish that the color point was external to them … then we invited a great friend @evoltndesign for made the illustration with their fantastic style.

-          That was we combined creative elements and the beauty of the models we created a Serie of photographs to evokes city, Fashion and strong, something like: the strong of the city interpreted for the guys, like some alive and growing structure… and the color in shape of urban art, see it like inspiration, youth, energy and identity.

-          Work with @iamincover and his models is always a pleasure and adventure. Is giving the change to know personalities and diversity of beauties.

-          We value your professionalism, Punctuality, compromising and provision.

-          Also we take the decision of use less clothes than usually in this case, we want to show the shape of the body of the models and giving a touch of sensuality. Then our styling was simple, underwear with jackets designed by my friend Marcela Zuluaga.

-          Wow! It is amazing, I see is called CODEPENDENCIA tell me more about this how was born the title?

-          The title born because we want to giving that name, the mutual necessity almost sickness from the city to the city. Is like a friend ship between the alive and dead , they shout to make sense or remember how little they can be without each other, from the positive to the negative what have they done to each other, but at least it belong to be together.

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