Vaida In Editorial

11, Feb 2021

Photographer: @manu_gallego

Makeup and hairstyle: @lauramejiamua

Model: @vaidata

Production and styling: @danybelot

Creative direction: @manugallegophoto and @danybelot

Clothing and accessories: @ musee.fashionboutique @mulattdesign @macabikini @ perugia.col

On this occasion we asked Vaida to tell us about his experience in the Editorial he did with Dany Belot and he told us the following.

That he was only carried away by the work team, where there was good natural lighting and good makeup. He also told us that the team was very nice and professional at the time of the Editorial.

Height: 180cm/5'11"

Bust: 84cm/33.1"

Waist: 60cm/23.6"

Hips: 94cm/37"

Cup: B

Bra: 34 US

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