Sofia Kaless, for TecItaly by Jesus Villanueva

27, Feb 2020

Model: Sofia Kaless

Photographer: Jesus Villanueva

Creative Director: Gabriel Valdez y Alfredo Martinez.

MUA: GugoBeauty

Fashion design and styling: Paola Aldana.


When it about studio photography Jesus Villanueva is the best and even more rightly with the work team he has in this excellent production, Our beautiful Sofia Kaless is splendid, and seeing the results of this work we are speechless.


We talked a little with Jesus Villanueva, we wanted to know more about how this idea comes and understand the creation process

-hi Jesus, how was the creative process of the photographs

-The creative process of the photo was the work of Gabriel Valdez, is work hand to hand with the vision of the creative in this case him. And sofia perfectly grasped the idea of the way, in fact, we only made like 7 shots of that look and then is the results.

-How was Working with Sofia?

- as i said Sofia adopted the mode perfectly and adopted the style immediately.

-how do you fell with the final result?

- the tuth is not for Sofia, but it is the one of the photos i have in my portofolio that i like to show more, it gives a diferent sense to the image is not only a fashion photography, i think this image you will see in a coupe of years and will remain in force, as do the greats of the photo, that result is what we wanted, it is not only a beautiful photo, it is an excellent teamwork.

-No doubt Sofia looks amazing thanks to such a good team, Jesus we love your photographs togheter with Gabriel who took care of the crative direction, we hope to keep in touch to work on future projects.

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