Sofia Kaless, for Cream Magazine by Judith Castro

20, Apr 2020
Model Sofia Kaless @skaless_

Photographer: Judith Castro

MUA and Hair Octavio Leon @octavioleon

Stylist @panucomx

Judith Castro is a young woman from Guadalajara who tested Sofia Kaless for her stay in the city.
Student of the udg in audiovisual arts and taken photos since he was 16, shows us the growth starting from not stopping doing what you like the most.
We talked a little about her and the session with Sofia Kaless.
While studying the first photo course I started doing sessions with girls from my high school, and other schools. Many girls hired me who wanted photos for their profiles. The truth that helped me a lot to learn to direct.
At the university I did everything, portraits, weddings, social etc. Everything but fashion. The truth was afraid of fashion. At that time I did not feel so good.
After college, about three years ago; A friend who has a modeling agency, I am very excited to take a fashion photo. He lent me his models to do tests. He also introduced me to a stylist and makeup artist who were also starting at that time. I loved fashion photography. There is so much creativity and freedom!
Little by little, other agencies, stylists and makeup artists were seeing my work on Instagram and writing to me to make editorials.
Over time the brands started to see my editorial photos and they looked for me to make their lookbooks or campaigns.
It has been three years of taking a fashion photo. They have gone super fast and slow at the same time. Sometimes I feel like I have done a good job and other times I feel like I haven't done much.
Working with Sofi was super cool! Since I was fixing it, it was very nice and we were all the talk and talk.
Sofi really has a model face, she is beautiful and she is super photogenic. But what stands out the most is his attitude and personality. Super positive, what we asked him he understood and he executed super well. And he even climbed a tree for a photo. 100/100
He is a person with who I would return to work with great pleasure.

In this session there was no thematic concept. If not an aesthetic concept.


The editor of the cream magazine sent me a visual inspiration and gave me complete freedom from that. I am addicted to the visual result in photography.


I am very moved to see aesthetically attractive photos. For me this is reflected in a clean composition, but at the same time there is intention; either in motion or in stillness In this case, I wanted this contrast between movement and stillness to be reflected in a natural space.


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