Mysterie & Emersen, by Sathya

24, Jun 2020


Photographer Sathya @sathyamigdal


Models Emersen & Mysterie @emersen @ mysterie.sylla


Clothes @ rituale.s



Editorial by Sathya, this girl has tremendous talent and we are happy with all her achievements. I recently collaborated with COVER in which I work with Emersen and Mysterie, who were proudly published in VOGUE. She tells us a bit about her story as a person and likewise a discovery to the realization of the production.


“Graduated from a career in psychology, I always tried to feed my creative side and my more academic side at the same time. Editorial photographer and visual artist, I studied in Paris and while living there I was gradually able to gain experience and practice in my photography with friends and artists who allowed me to portray them and sometimes asked me for help to capture their works. After 6 years in Paris, I returned to Mexico indefinitely and this is where my career began to take shape and where I began to delve deeper into the visual arts and more specifically the editorial and fashion fields. I have been back in Guadalajara for almost two years and I have been fortunate to do various test shoots and collaborate with jewelry and fashion brands. ”


How did this idea come up, what is your creative process for this realization, in the same way as it was working with the girls?

“Within my photographic work, both editorial and personal, there is always a great influence on my knowledge in psychology. For me the best way to understand certain processes that we all go through was always art and adding the various notions that I have gained as a psychologist in my work has always been the basis within my creative processes.


In the case of this editorial that I titled “Overthinking”, the idea was to try to put a face on it and give visibility to the fact of thinking too much. The work behind Rituals, who provided the costumes, were pieces that she had wanted to do something with for a long time and her designs were a big part of what inspired that intimate and magical atmosphere behind her editorial.


I had already had the pleasure of working with Emersen weeks before, and it was a pleasure. Her professionalism and her empathy before the art of editorial photography were among the things that made me know that I wanted to continue working with her. I met Mysterie through Cover's social networks and in the same way it seemed to me that there was something very honest emanating from her, which I confirmed when working together.


Through this editorial I wanted to show both the uncertainty and the empathy that one can experience with it and Emersen and Mysterie understood the concept perfectly. We understood each other very well from the beginning and we enjoyed the session so much that afterwards we went to have a coffee and talk for hours. ”


How was the process for VOGUE to contact you? and congratulations on this achievement


"Thank you very much!


The truth is that this was an editorial that I took great care of and kept for a few months before finishing the edition. For me it was always a very special project from the beginning I was interested in sending Vogue. The platform on which the photo was published is your digital platform to which one as a photographer applies and can send their projects to be published.


And I must say that I was very excited when I found out that I had accepted my job! ”


We congratulate you very much for your achievements and we are very happy for them, we wish the best on this path and continue participating together in future projects, we wish you the best.




“And then nothing, I want to thank the entire C team, and especially Ari who I have had the most contact with, for believing in my art and my projects practically since my beginnings here in Mexico. I have had the pleasure of working with many of their models and I am always very grateful that they give me those opportunities. And I hope I can continue creating together!


Thank you very much!"

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