Luba, by Andrés Lopera

30, Jul 2020

Model: LUBA @guseval   

Campaing for: @rosapistacho1 
Photographer: Andrés Lopera @andreslph
MUA: Paz Serna @pazserna 


Photographer Andres Lopera shares a bit of the Test shoot that I do together with our beautiful LUBA that is located in Medellin, Colombia


Everything went hand in hand with Eliana, my client who owns the brand of pink pistachio dresses

When we started putting together the brief and the mood board for the photos, we wanted a confident, beautiful woman who looks young and older, fresh, and with a beautiful look to match the essence of the brand, which are very pastels, very fresh dresses, and very natural, since the brand's collection is inspired by nature and the universe.


In this collection we wanted to highlight the importance of these 3 forces that move us (body, mind and soul), to live a life in balance, invites us to look from within, appreciate the forms of nature and the elements of our subconscious mind, with magical and dreamlike ways to appreciate our sky and our dreams, the elements of the Sea, that world of the soul, of the unknown, of what flows, and our land, our diversity, what we appreciate in our world.


Before each photographic production, I advance two things to the client's hand, the mood board, and the brief, where in the brief we include the number of dresses, accessories, photos of the model, makeup styles to wear, hairstyle, and with which dress we start and with which we end, the props that we are going to use, flowers, umbrellas, feathers, suitcases, everything that decorates the environment and we decided which dress will go with each prop, and we decided the place of the photos, when we arrived at the place, which was a beautiful farm located in the retirement, medellin. While the makeup artist is busy doing makeup for Luba, we take a tour of all the places on the farm, and we decide there which dress will go in each location, to speed up the photos, so when Luba is wearing her makeup, with her dress on and ready for the photos, we already have clear where the photos will be with each dressand I pass a sheet to Luba of the inspiration of poses for her to take into account when posing with these potos "Which she did great, since she is a professional" and it was super comfortable for her, as for me, the non-verbal communication for the shooting.


I think Luba in life had received as many compliments as she received that day, the dresses were beautiful to her, the makeup was beautiful to her and since she is Russian, we were afraid of how communication was, since she is Russian, luckily she speaks English very well. , then we laughed, we had a great time, and at the time of the photos there was no need to direct her because she already did it and proposed poses and always had the best disposition in the 5 hours of work and both the client, the model , the makeup artist and I were super happy with this production so much that Eliana the owner of the amrca was super happy with this work, since she had had not very pleasant experiences with other photographers.

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