Kaue, in Test Shoot for Dario

31, Jan 2020

Model: KAUE @kaueilha

Photographer: Dario @dariobnls

During him stay in November KAUE did a test shoot for Dario Bañuelos, a serie of amazing photos with a unique and unrecognizable esthetic, the photographer take an inspiration of @alessioalbi, a similar style but nevertheless Dario add a special touch

“there is a Photographer call it @alessioalbi, use a lot of Flowers and smooth in his photos and I had been inspired in that look.

And there’s a boy who has a very good photos, one day I saw it one of his post and y love the look, then I wanted to created something inspired in that too. Finally, I took the idea and execute with my process, but I was very sure the location for the test shoot”

How was working together with KAUE?

“Kaue is a very good model, the truth is that my idea was to come to a specific part of the forest, but I wrong, then we had to improvised with the location and the light, but that was fun. We did the photos very quickly and we use the light very well. I think it was 4 or 5 looks and we did it in 30 minutes each one.

He pose very fast and understand so well the personality I was looking for. A more fashion style than commercial one and he did it.

Also is a very good person and accept to work with all the direction I give to him till the end. He trusts in my vision.”

What do you think with the final result?

“I like it a lot because he contributes with his own moves and personality. I was very satisfied for the final esthetic, it served me as a practice to made thar smooth look”

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