Kate, in test shoot por Ana M

31, Jan 2020

Photographer: ANA M @lutolita

Model: KATE @katejessie7

Just arrived our model Kate in her stay in Colombia, together with the photograph Ana M.

The photos are a very quiet, the photos are very simple but you can feel the atmosphere of the weather with just see them, Kate was the perfect face for this test shoot, we talk with the photographer to see what she is thinking about the coworking with Kate and how was the born of the idea and the creative process, surprisingly the session was unexpected, Kate was surrounded for an atmosphere of peace and Ana did not hesitate to photograph her. Definitely make us think that the best moments are spontaneous

What was the concept, the idea?

“Well, actually it was unexpected, really she’s looks like in peace in that moment and I feel that”

What did you like about the final result?

“I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve photographer so far.

Sometimes, you are looking for the perfect photo and you try to do something very elaborate but you do not get it on the other hand, as in these photos, when you least expect it you have something that is magical, they are not perfect photos, but they have the freedom to be just them.

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