Kate, for ALADO Novias by Jose Luis Ruiz

16, Apr 2020

Model: Kate @katejessie7

Photographer: Jose Luis Ruiz @jlr_portafolio

MUA: @wakkho


Our friends from alado diseño are never far behind the trend and this time our beautiful kate never disappoints,

who was in charge of the photos is jose luis ruiz a photographer that we admire a lot at cover, his style of photography

is one of the best in colombia, works with a lot of cleanliness and unforgettable productions together with alado, on this

occasion with alado brides, we ask you to tell us a little more about this work.


“On this concept, the photos are a scenographic construction of a location that could not be obtained. the winged designers wanted to take the photos in the attic of a church,

but for various logistical reasons, this could not be coordinated. in this case then they (alejandro and andrés) built the scenery and gave me the instruction of some luminous and

romantic photos just as the bridal collections require. this scenography was built in the brand's workshops for a couple of days and the photos were taken in one working day. the

work session was quite fluid. kate has a beautiful face, perfect for the collection that starred in the images, and it is necessary to highlight her patience and dedication since the

weight of the hair extensions was considerable. as is clear from the images, as a team we are happy with the result of this project. ”

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