Jessica, by Ari L. Baeza

30, Aug 2020

Model: Jessica @jessicahaggstrom_

Photography: Ari L. Baeza @laaribaeza

Produccion: Luis @covarrubias_18

MUA: Montse @monch.baeza

Stylist: Andres @andresrcalderon

Assistants: Marce @ahoritanomarce & Sonia @loreysonia

In the COVER family we always believe in the potential of our youngest talents, which is why it is a great pleasure for the editorial that we carry out in the hands of the talented photographer LaAriBaeza, we have already worked with her in the past and it is incredible, always satisfied.


On this occasion I made the editorial with 4 of our talented girls Ale, Jessica, Arlette and Fatima which is the cover of the month.


We talked a bit with Ari so that he could tell us more about the idea, production, concept, from the beginning to the end.


 The idea of ​​the concept was born from the video is somi- what are waiting in this the concept of after party is visualized a lot a messy room because because you are young and you just spend it at the party, I decided to work it with the models of the agency that They are in this age of rebellion and discovery, something very young we are we have to make the most of this life, I can't fix the room but I look incredible.


For a week the planning of everything was being carried out, the audiovisual producer Luis helped me find the location that was literally the room we were looking for, and Andres helped me with the stylist, the truth is I received a lot of help from everyone, thank you very much for that, Sonia, Marce, Montse the makeup artist, incredible! With her there was a lot of communication with the stylist and with me.


With the models it was incredible, they all captured the idea that I had shown them, they pose incredible and express very well, also they are living the stage of what I wanted to express.

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