Hector, in test shoot by JACOBO RIOS for VOGUE ITALIA

25, Nov 2019

Model: Héctor

Photographer: Jacobo Ríos 


Hi all! How are you?

A few weeks ago, we were talking to Valentín, one of our international models, about how he faced his work season in India and what the model profession was like for him.

This time we are going to something very different. We are very excited to show you the latest editorial of our model Héctor for Vogue Italia with Jacobo Ríos behind the camera. For this post we wanted to know what creative idea was hidden behind this photoshoot, how they worked with the model and which references has Jacobo that inspired him when it comes to work.

According to Jacobo: "Some time ago I planned a series of images in the river, but I had never made them with someone until I proposed the idea to Hector."

"The idea was to create a concept different from everything I had done before." At first, I thought that Héctor would not want for the fact that it was his first artistic work posing naked in front of the camera, but finally everything went great.

"For me it is very important to connect with people, this is how they convey their personality and sensitivity." By knowing him that way, creative ideas come to me like sea bubbles and starting to create is something simpler. “Seeing life from a different and simple perspective is how I was inspired to create content; but always being visually attentive to what surrounds me.”

There is no doubt that Jacobo left us with wonderful images worthy of the level of Vogue. Any objection?

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