Hanna B, by Alejandro Padilla

27, Feb 2020

Model: Hannah Borgström. @hannahborgstrom

Photographer: Alejandro Padilla @alejandro.padilla.g

Stylist: Marlenne Jauregui. @beauty.bymarlennjaa

Hair: Bethzabeth Mejía @elena.bethsabe

Make up and Creative Director: Marlenne Jauregui. @beauty.bymarlennjaa



We talkes with Alejandro Padilla about his feelings and experience making this editorial, he gave us a text expressing:


Musée d’Hanna

Prime Magazine


From the moment that Alexanders foot crossed the door of that museum, his thoughts kept questioning him if he would really achieve what he had intended. The fact that a model who traveled fro Switzerland has agreed to make the editorial, ete it with fear.


Hanna behaved in an incredible way, attentive to the directions, with an incredible proposal of poses and a rather interested attitude. All the participants were a grat help, and an incredible job, with perfect patience. The results were a surprise, it was the best so far i had ever done. I am very grateful for the attitude they had towards me.


The theme of the photoshoot has 2 starting points, wich are to recognize that fashion is, far from the prejudice of superficiality, goes into thinking fashion; one that intellectualizes what happens socially and turns it into a concept and his own way; to give an example.


-What a certain social sector could feel, want and think.


The second current of inspiration of this photo shoot is the emblematic elements by wich Paris is recognized in the field of fashion, to give some examples.


The “brocade” fabric: fabric made since 500 in china, but finally adopted by european culture in the Renaissance, going through being Madame Pompadour’s favorite in the Baroque era until reaching the twentieth century as one of the most popular fabrics used by designers Balenciaga and Cristian Dior in the 50’s, So until the arrival of our days, being an element presente don catwalks of Chanel, Prada, Miu Miu, Balenciaga among others.


-Plastic accesories: alluding to the texture of marble, feathers, floral prints very closely resembling the aforementioned texture, shoes and leather bags.


It is in this way that one of the museums located in one of the busiest áreas of the city has introduced us to good idea, because the concept goes hand in hand with the type of woman to whom this photo sesión is aimed. The team of creators of this photo shoot is that the designers are Vvenenomx, Rituale.s, Moromomx, Famarroquineria, Paulina Luna and Eucalyptus Accesories. All Brand names totally produced in the city of Guadalajara.

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