Gabriela, for ALADO by José Luis Ruiz

27, Feb 2020

Model: Gabriela

Photographer: Jose Luis Ruiz


In Medellin a work was done ALADODISEÑO, the production made by them was incredible, our beautiful Gabriela was the face with a spectacular production design, we shared a few words with the photographer in charge to tell us more about this


On the elaboration of the concept responds to the dynamics of working with ALADO


The concept generation is base don them and the collection we want to illustrate.


Basically they inform me about what concept we are going to work and they show me sketches of the spaces they are going to créate because for ALADO (Alejandro and Andres) work as art directors and creators of space ans i belive and presented a ligthing proposal in this case know the potos of 30, 40 and 50 of Carmen Miranda. And all that is articulated the day of the photos.


For agenda issues, she had to take the photos on a Sunday, with Gabriela  we had a very relaxed sesión, she quickly understood the concept and body movement we need for the images, wich made the production very fluid. As an anecdote we ended up working with tropical music wich ended up setting the work session.


Regarding the result we are all very happy with the images. We managed to recreate the enviroment that the collection requires, everythink looks grat what more can you ask for

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