Emersen, by Sonia Lorey

28, May 2020

 Model: EMERSEN @emersen

Photographer: Sonia Lorey @loreysonia

MUA & Hair: Brenda Figueroa @lamontserrat & Miguel Sanchez @ miguel.a.s.l

Clothes: @erica_street

Jewelry: @eclectica_mx & @insomniomalva


The images of Emersen by Sonia are incredible, they have a vibe that more than being seen, that's why we dedicated a space to it in the COVER Nesletter.


"Emersen is a totally unique and super versatile face for different concepts and ideas, as well as being a super purposeful, active and happy girl" was what Sonia told us during Emersen's stay in Guadalajara.


Sonia is a relatively new photographer who is gradually gaining strength with new ideas and generating her version of reality. At 23 years old, this was her first Test shoot with COVER. We asked her to tell us about it and hopefully we will continue coordinating new projects. We asked her to tell us a little more about her and the session that she did.


"Well, to start with, I was a little nervous. Emersen only speaks English and well, despite speaking and understanding it, it was a nervous factor, but nevertheless the language barrier did not matter at all, it seemed that she understood what she was looking for just by looking at me, She is an incredible girl, I had a lot of fun in this session, it was something casual in the American zone.


And so the idea was born out of a need to do something, you know? I was looking for this blur and vintage concept that I felt only Emersen could give, so I decided to play with different textures on the lens and with new accessories, for example, the neck accessory my eclectic friend was in charge of materializing it, also between photos I use the accessories of eclectic and in others those of insomnia mauve, both incredible girls, For the clothes it was from Érica Street who has a store with incredible clothes and especially of very good quality.


This session was better than I could have expected because it all felt very relaxed and despite the fact that we ended up tired we had time to eat and drink something at the end. ”


We are also happy with your work, we hope to continue having the opportunity to collaborate together.

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