Emersen, By Esaú M. Castillo

25, Mar 2020


Model: Emersen @emersen

Photographer Esaú M. Castillo @visualmil305

Sylist @los.virginia

The following editorial taken by Esaú M. Castillo is a joint collaboration with the Virginia people who told us about their creative process and told us about their inspirations for the publisher.


I like to work with spaces, lines and colors, one of my main inspirations is usually the BAUHAUS, so I looked for a way to combine a Maria Antonieta style with the Bauhaus, making use of color and making the most of my spaces around (the spaces were previously selected)


What was it like to work together with Emersen in this collaboration together with the Virginia?


Working with Emersen was very easy despite the language barrier between us but it was very easy for us to understand each other. Regarding the direction, she already knew what to do, so the process was very comfortable.


The virginia are friends of mine from a few years ago, but there was not really a pre-styling preparation, everything was very organic, it flowed in the moment, just as they looked for a way to highlight the characteristics of Emersen

Working with both Emersen and Los Virginia was a great experience, the whole process was very harmonious and the results speak for themselves.


What do you think of the final result?


The end result seems poetic to me, it is a kind of story told by spaces and people, such as objects, light and everything that is inside the painting, generate an atmosphere that something is happening and will continue to happen.

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