Brenda & Remiro, by Bedoya Daniel

28, May 2020

Model: BRENDA & RAMIRO @brendapistelli @ramiropedeuboy

Photographers: Daniel Bedoya @ bedoya.daniel

MUA: Camila Carbajal @camicarvajalmakeup

Hair: Simón Atehortúa @ saimon.hairsrtyles

Styling: Jose Arengo @ arango678


Daniel is one of the photographers we work with the most in Colombia and we are always happy to collaborate on new projects together, he likes to experiment and he always has a concept that adapts perfectly to each model he photographs. We asked him to tell us more about him and the test shoot process with Ramiro and Brenda.


What was the shooting process? A while ago I had the idea of ​​doing a project in collaboration with the stylist Jose Arango, we got in touch and he had at that time some garments from several very talented designers from Medellin that we wanted to use and the rest was putting together the rest of the team, Simon Atehortua who is one of the best hair stylists in Colombia and Camila Carvajal a super talented makeup artist too, and finally we contacted Cover to send us the portfolio of the models they had available, just Brenda and Ramiro had just finished Arrive in the country and we thought it was a great idea to do it with them because we really liked their profile.


With both boys it was super nice to work, they seemed very professional and very willing to take the photos in the best possible way, they are both very good people and there was a good atmosphere during the photos.


My name is Daniel Bedoya, I am a fashion photographer from the city of Medellin more or less 4 years ago, I have worked with several brands in the country including Agua Bendita and I have also done some campaigns for the Viva Mall and Santafé, I was also Working a while ago in Mexico, I had the opportunity to do several shooting with models and actors who were in the country. I studied fashion photography in Colombia and did a postgraduate degree in fashion at Argentine Fotodesign.

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