Arlette, by Ariadna Baeza

30, Jul 2020

Model: ARLETTE @arlette_arteagap 

Photo: Ari Baeza @laaribaeza
MUA & Hair: Moon Arevalo 
Clothing: @cleopatrabazr 
Accessories: @piuboho 
Assistant: @a.guerrerom 
 & @jocelyneavalos 



Arlette by Ariadna. One of our best models was targeted by Ari's camera to take photos where Arlette's face looks beautiful, making it look like never before.

 I had been wanting to take more elaborate photos with the agency's models for a long time, involving a collaboration with a stylist, a bazaar, jewelry, etc. So I took advantage of the time I was spending at home to take the photos there.

-The concept is portraits at home, so basically I worked from the structure that it has, the type of architecture and colors. At the end, a session with bohemian style was carried out in both makeup and clothing and accessories.

The day of the testshoot we all saw each other at my house which was the place where the photos were going to be taken, for the hair and hairstyle part was done by Monse Arévalo, the clothes were lent by Cleopatra bazaar, and the piu boho jewelry. Together with Jocelyne Ávalos and Araceli Guerrero we planned the different outfits and they also helped me attend the session. That day we also had the collaboration of Oscar Rivas to make the backstage video so we got much more final material.

Working with Arlette was super fast, easy and fun! She is a girl who has a lot of proposal and disposition in general, in the end we got many different images in a short time thanks to that.

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