Annaliese, in test shoot by CAM AND SAAV for PAULINA GUERRERO

05, Sep 2019

Model: Annaliese

Brand: Paulina Guerrero 

Photographer: CAM AND SAAV

Make Up: Rob Joaquin Quezada

Stylist: Paulina Encinas

Hello again! How are you?

This time we are very happy to show you the incredible result of the last photoshoot of our model Annaliese for the Mexican designer Paulina Guerrero.

After speaking with the photographer about what concept they wanted to capture with these images, what our model transmitted to them and the references that they had at the time of working; we have discovered that it was not really an individual project but that the inspiration for the session came out after thinking together with the designer and the stylist team. It was a set of ideas from each of the creatives that merged and evolved until they reached the result you see now.

The general concept of the photo shoot was to merge pop and psychedelia into a more urban setting that evoked streetstyle looks. "The main thing was to give a more commercial twist to the Paulina Guerrero brand without omitting the line of geometric designs, cuts and their influences." According to them, everything began to make sense from the main location. "That truck full of stickers and brands fit perfectly to reaffirm that idea of ​​urbanizing the brand."

That is why the model had to be someone who managed to convey that pop idea, but at the same time, with a fragile and delicate aura with the intention of counteracting the colorful and even somewhat aggressive image of the brand. Annaliese not only achieved that task but also managed to easily blend in with the brand image that was needed.

Undoubtedly an impeccable creative exercise that leaves us impeccable and great images. What do you think?

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