Anna Puente, in test shoot by Jürguen Alexander

29, Jan 2020

Photographer: Jürgen Alexander

Model: Anna Puente.

In November of last year our model Anna Puente was part for a test shoot for Jürgen Alexander, young and full of new ideas, he is gaining strength in the media game innovating with his unique style, so characteristic of him

We talk to him and his inspiration to make these amazing photographs full of mysticism and culture. A look at the Mesopotamian culture.

Talk us about your concept, Jürgen.

“about the concept I was studying about Mesopotamia and one of the civilization more powerful than there, Babilonia, it is from this one that I took references in terms of esthetic, the jewelry and stones highlighted for were the firs to develop metallurgy. In this culture they had a lot of members of different social classes, that’s why I want to represented one of her goddesses ISHTAR, her is very important to me, was the goddess of love, beauty and fertility and in oldest texts they mention her relation with the war.

The photographs are incredible. How was to work with Anna Puente?

In this photos I want to  fully empower this character and Anna helping me a lot, she knows about this goddess, we make click and Karen Lineth helping me like my assistant, I feel I little bit guilty for put it in the water jaja but in the end I think everybody have fun and the final work it was worth it.

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